Mystic Message Archival

Message archival solution that specializes in securely capturing and storing SMS/MMS messages for all devices for your organization. 

Archiving is supported on AT&T FirstNet, Verizon, or T-Mobile, so whether your organization has its own devices provided to its employees, or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), we can support.  


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A message archival and reporting solution to help meet your organization’s e-Discovery needs.

Capture Messages

Securely capture text messages for reporting.

Secure Solution

A cloud-based carrier solution, not dependent on the device.


Works with AT&T FirstNet, Verizon & T-Mobile.

Near Real-Time

Receives SMS/MMS messages as they are sent.

Device Agnostic

Supports both Android and iOS messaging apps.


Export text messages organized in CSV or PDF.

Solutions & Answers

Secure message archival solution that is customizable to accommodate your organizational needs. 


Message archival is eDiscovery compliant.

Data Storage

Secure storage of all data on Cloud, on premise, or in a hosted data center by client.

Customizable Reports

Customizable solution for reporting on data points.

Cross Domain

Solution to move data securely between low and high side.

Carrier Independence

Mobile component that is independent of all carriers to archive SMS and MMS.

ATO Approval

Authority-to-Operate (ATO) at FBI and DLA.

Access Control

Administrative access by auditors and reporters only.

Identity Management

Integration to active directory for large organizations or third party auth providers.

Cost Effective

Affordable archival solutions to other competitors.

Customer Solutions

Enterprise Solution

  • Integrate a capturing, and archiving tool for your organization.
  • Captured enterprise message logs from organizational devices. 
  • Includes a customizable dashboard for reporting to end customers, such as, legal, security or others to fit your needs.

User Solution

  • Capture messages from specific date and time ranges from a local device.
  • Generate individual message logs from organizational devices. 

Mystic Message Archival Customers

We at 3rd Eye Technologies are proud to serve our customers with their record capture and retention needs. Below are departments, agencies and bureau that we currently serve and this list will continue growing in the near future.

Use Case Scenario


Any organization that has a need for a message archival and reporting solution.  


Capture and generate logs through Message Archival, which can be done from a customizable dashboard as a tool for reporting to customers.