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Our Mission

3rd Eye Technologies, Inc. is a software services provider offering enterprise solutions and prides itself on leveraging innovation through agility.  At 3rd Eye Technologies, Inc. we believe agility should not be limited to software development, infrastructure, architecture and business development teams.

3rd Eye Technologies, Inc. was formed in 2016 as a cost-effective, reliable and secure option for the Federal, Local and State government agencies to build mobile applications rapidly and efficiently.

Why 3rd Eye

Serve & Protect

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Secure Technologies

Core Capabilities

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Mobile App Development

Provide custom, secure apps using RAD-P

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Platform Agnostics &
Cloud Solutions


A leader in Agile, DevSecOps, and RaaS


CMS, Web UI, and other custom development

Featured Products & Services

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Secure Cloud-based

Mystique is an encrypted cloud-based messaging app with group messaging, media uploads, voice-to-text, and much more…


Blue Force Tracking &
Intel Collection

Zodiac is a situational awareness app designed to provide law enforcement officers with the ability to collect & share data. 

Low Code

Create & Customize
Your Own Apps!

Low Code Application Development provides customers with a secure, flexible solution to efficiently create apps.

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