Situational Awareness Framework

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Framework Package

Situational Awareness base framework package.

One Time Passcode

Authenticate via 2-factor for a more secure user experience.

Blue Force Tracking

Track teams, collect intel, and send texts within a geofence. 

App Management

Manage app users, control access, plus more!

Intel Collecting

Collect intel and store it in a database for easy retrieval. 


Create a geo-boundary to communicate with teams.


Communicate with teams in a geofence.


Add additional features to Situational Awareness Framework and make your app unique to your organization.

Push Notifications

Receive notifications for text messages or email alerts.


Create structured or ad-hoc forms.

User Management

Create pre-organized teams for missions.


Search on collected intel quickly and easily.

Reference Library

Upload files for all app users to access.

API Integration

Integrate from Google, social media platform, or more!

Customer Solutions

Enterprise Solution

  • Create situational awareness & intelligence gathering scenarios 
  • Gather reports and intel from a completed scenario.
  • Includes a customizable dashboard for reporting to end customers, such as, legal, security or others to fit your needs. 

User Solution

  • Command posts utilize our dashboard to retrieve information and communicate with users.
  • Track and encapsulate all the intel and information retrieved during a scenario.
  • Constant communication and quick intel reporting between teams.

Use Case Scenario


Designed to assist any organization that has a need for the intelligence gathering or situational awareness.

Can help organizations who are interested in blue force tracking, collecting intel, or establishing constant communication during a scenario or mission. 


Report on mission data via Situational Awareness.  Keep the lines of communication constantly open with Aquarius or Situational Awareness through work-teams, affiliates, supervisors, teammates, etc.  

Track, communicate, and report on scenarios or missions with a dashboard thats customized to fit a users needs.