3rd Eye Technologies, Inc. offers Rapid Application Development Platform (RAD-P) which provides customers with a secure, easy-to-use, flexible solution to efficiently create apps.

Our Architecture

At the core, our logic layer reduces complexities and does exactly what the user expects — pull back data & content and securely store it, all while being able to audit, log, and protect the data. The encryption in-transit and encryption at REST are either on Mongo or MarkLogic database. Web contained services are self aware and can be load-balanced and throttled based on usage rates.

The code base is simple. The logic is lean.

3rd Eye focuses on what we do best to ensure customers reduces their time trying to fit the product in existing environments. Documentation are contained in 10 pages (or less) and are organized by common tasks.

APIs That Make Sense

The RAD-P product is built on simplicity so developers and architects can easily model their own data and use cases. The APIs seamlessly function without much oversight which allows customers to shift focus on the app itself.

The APIs are REST-based with the ability to support JSON and XML data formats and are broken down by the following functionalities:

  1. Authentication and Security: Authentication and security-based services allow users to protect their application through the use of APIs. Unauthorized users are prevented from access to content.*
  2. Content Management System: Securely, reliably, and quickly upload and download files such as images, documents, audio, and video. Use tags with custom discriminators to create an inventory of files that a person or application has access to.
  3. Data Modeling: Users can model their own data in the app; customers can define the data in JSON with as many relationships and hierarchies desired, change the format and version all at a snap of a finger. Customers’ data structure is theirs — 3rd Eye only stores and version it. Other features include the ability to store temporal snapshots of data and track how it evolves. This is a revolutionary way of flattening out a structural data model while leveraging the fast fetch and processing speeds of APIs built on NoSQL databases.
  4. Enterprise Search: Users have the ability to search all documents and structured data by using free-text type searches. Refine massive amounts of data to accurate results by leveraging 3rd Eye algorithms which can calculate geo-based searches, data ranges, and other special queries.
  5. Secure Messaging and Notifications: Send secure messages and receive notifications using native SMS, email, and Firebase notification APIs. This is securely accessed and achieved with zero overhead for the developer.


RAD-P also consists of native SDKs in Android, iOS, and JavaScript. Reduce code footprint while building an app by leveraging 3rd Eye’s existing APIs. Access data, push files or make updates all with simple, one or two lines of codes. “Rinse and repeat” — the epitome of RADP.

Application Frameworks

3rd Eye’s award-winning application frameworks provide the template, sample-code and user guides to build applications leveraging our SDKs in Android and iOS. This sample starter kit provides users with the ability to hit the ground running, and allow for simple tweaks on images, colors, or verbiage. The basic look and feel is based on Android Material Design and Apple StoryBoard standards, and the codes are always up-to-date to function on the latest versions of Apple and Android operating systems.

Your Choice: Any Cloud, Any Server Farm

3rd Eye does not use proprietary databases, cloud vendor products, or anything that would prevent customers from deploying RAD-P — thus, 3rd Eye is not restrictive and is able to provide customers with the ultimate flexibility! Scripted install and configuration can be done in less than an hour and can scale vertically or horizontally. Whether it is AWS, Azure, or a server farm on premises, 3rd Eye can support it all.

Single Pane of Glass

Since there are some actions only specific people should be able to control, 3rd Eye has a web-based application console that comes standard. The console provides administrators the ability to 1) monitor what users are accessing, 2) provision and on-board applications and users who will access the RAD-P, and 3) analytical perspective.