Mystique Framework

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Framework Package

Mystique base framework package.

One Time Passcode

Authenticate via 2-factor for a more secure user experience.

Text Log Export

Generate organized reports for text logs.

App Management

Manage app users, control access, plus more!

Push Notifications

Receive notifications for text messages or email alerts.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages to individuals or groups.

Secure Messaging

Encrypted keys are stored and retrievable for audits.


Add additional features to Mystique Framework and make your app unique to your organization.


App authentication with fingerprint scanning.


Create structured or ad-hoc forms.

Team Management

Create pre-organized teams for missions.

User Directory

Create or import a user directory specific to your app.

Reference Library

Upload files for all app users to access.

API Integration

Integrate from Google, social media platform, or more!

Customer Solutions

Enterprise Solution

  • Build a communication, capturing, and archiving suite for your organization.
  • Captured enterprise message logs from organizational devices. 
  • Includes a customizable dashboard for reporting to end customers, such as, legal, security or others to fit your needs.

User Solution

  • Send cloud-based messages.
  • Capture messages from specific date and time ranges from a local device.
  • Generate individual message logs from organizational devices. 

Use Case Scenario


Almost anyone or any organization that has a need for a communication or message archival suite.  

This framework can be all encompassing to accommodate your organizational needs.


Keep constant lines of communication open with Mystic through work-teams, affiliates, supervisors, teammates, etc.  

Capture and generate logs through Message Archival or Textport, which can be done from a customizable dashboard or app as a tool for reporting to customers.