3rd Eye Technologies Inc.'s

Low-Code Application Development System

Low Code allows us, 3rd Eye Technologies, to create applications rapidly without using traditional computer hard-coded programming. Granted, a graphical interface makes development easier, but with low code some measure of hard-coded development such as: API’s, web services and databases are sometimes needed to integrate applications into various environments.

Our Rapid Application Development Platform (RAD-P) is our low code platform that allows accelerated and secure application development.

Base Frameworks

Choose from our frameworks and integrate 3rd Party APIs.

Sample Code

Use existing code snippets to get your app up and running faster.


We easily guide you through how to build apps using our user guides and API docs.

Mobile Solutions

Build a PWA, iOS, or Android native application ready to plug and play.

Development Platform

Choose your preferred environment, storage, and services.

Hosting Platform

Choose from any cloud provider, bare-metal, or self hosted options

Data Storage

Secure Storage on cloud-based relational and NO-SQL database.


Integrate with open standard REST, SOAP, & native languages (python, java, .NET)

Application Platform

We create, release, and maintain apps for you.


Quickly develop the apps that you need within months.


Seamlessly deploy apps to secure environments.


Easily manage and maintain apps in your environment.

60 Day Development Lifecycle

App Development from Start to Finish!

  • Requirements (1-2 Weeks)

    Engage with partners and stakeholders to determine customer specifications.

  • Design (1-2 Weeks)

    Our developers define and design the architecture, security, layout and functionality of the applications(s).

  • Develop (2 Weeks)

    We integrate and create the application using frameworks and code snippets and test the functionality.

  • Test (1 week)

    Application is deployed for User Acceptance Testing and refined for client's use.

  • Deploy (1 week)

    Application will be released for use. It will be monitored for operations support and maintenance.

Build your App in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Choose a Framework below


Step 2

Choose an Operating System


Step 3

Choose your Deployment Strategy