Our Beginning.

3rd Eye Technologies, Inc. was formed in 2016 as a cost-effective, reliable and secure option for the Federal, Local and State government agencies to build mobile applications rapidly and efficiently. 3rd Eye has a presence in multiple government agencies and several high profile partnerships.

Core Values

Honesty. Quality. Dependability.

3rd Eye Technologies strives to provide customer service that is honest, high quality and professional. From our professional service consultants to our software delivery platform — we believe that our customers should receive dependable and quality work. 3rd Eye endeavors to provide transparency and we stand behind our work.


Provide Secure Technologies.

The 3rd Eye vision is to provide all of our customers with access to secure technologies that enhance their mission with the usage of innovative, secure and reliable solutions.


Assisting those who Serve!

3rd Eye’s mission is to provide government agencies, along with the brave and honorable personnel that serve our country, with products that enables them to perform their duties with ease, reliability, and most importantly safety. The customer base we serve has a responsibility to serve and protect the citizens of our country — we are dedicated to being a part of that mission and take it very seriously. We understand the grave and immense danger many of our clients face daily. Our goal is to ensure that we continue to support their mission needs with any customization, scalability or innovation that would make their jobs perform more efficiently. Thus, we are always interactive and continuously receiving feedback from these individuals.


Work-life Balance. Honor. Collaboration. Integrity.

Here at 3rd Eye, we put the customer first. Our employees embrace comfortability and collaboration which is why there are no set desks and employees are free to work remotely. With this privilege comes great responsibility and accountability. Thus discipline, constant communication and interaction are always promoted. Constant collaboration with customers and cross-training multiple teams are fundamentals we preach. While we want to be cutting-edge, we also understand discipline and age-old philosophies such as “the honor system” and merit based rewards are a good mesh point to create a healthy organizational culture.

3rd Eye Technologies have had the privilege to excel with the great partners and customers listed below.


3rd Eye Technologies operates under the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule, or MAS, in the following Special Item Numbers, or SINs:

511210 – Software Licenses

518210C – Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services

54151 – Software Maintenance Services

54151S – IT Professional Services

OLM – Order-Level Materials



3rd Eye Technologies also operates under the following North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) classification codes:

541511- Custom Computer Programming Services

541519- Other Computer Related Services

541512-Computer Systems Design Services

511210-Software Publishers

541513 – Computer Facilities and Management Services